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Being seen means being safe.  Know your high-visibility standards.  You can't be safey if you can't be seen.

Class 3 Hi Vis Safety Vests

ANSI Class 3 Reflective Vests

Class 2 Hi Vis Safety Vests

ANSI Class 2 Reflective Vests

Hi Vis Public Service Safety Vests

Public Service Safety Vests

Hi Vis T-Shirts

ANSI High Visibility T-Shirts

Non-ANSI Safety Vests

Non-ANSI Safety Vests

Helly Hansen High Visibility Workwear and Reflective Jackets

Helly Hansen Hi Vis Workwear

5.11 Tactical High-Quality First Responder Jackets

5.11 Tactical First Responder Jackets

Class 3 Jackets and Coats

ANSI Class 3 Jackets/Coats

Hi Vis Sweatshirts

ANSI Class 3 Hi Vis Sweatshirts

ANSI Class 3 Rainwear with DOT Contrasting Trim

D.O.T. Trim Hi Vis Rainwear

High Visibility Rain Jackets and Rain Pants

ANSI Rain Jackets and Rain Pants

Arc-Rated Coats, Jackets, and Sweatshirts

FR/Arc-Rated Jackets and T-Shirts

Flame-Resistant Jackets and Vests

Flame Resistant Hi Vis Jackets and Safety Vests

High Visibility Insulated Overalls

Hi Vis and Standard Insulated Overalls

Hi Vis Class E Pants

ANSI Class E Reflective Pants

Hi Vis Reflective Work Gloves

High Visibility Work Gloves

Hi Vis Reflective Hard Hat Neck Shades

Reflective Hard Hat Neck Shades

Hi Vis Knit Stocking Caps and Hats

Hi Vis Stocking Caps and Hats

Hi Vis Safety Hats and Caps

Fluorescent Ranger / Boonie Hats

High Visibility Ranger / Boonie Hats

Non-ANSI Standard - See Products

ANSI/ISEA 107-2010

  • Safety Vests for non-ANSI situations.
  • Traffic speeds less than 25 miles per hour.
  • Workers have undivided attention to oncoming traffic.
  • A large amount of distance between workers and traffic.

Traffic vests for parking lot attendees, delivery drivers, sidewalk construction workers, warehouse workers.


ANSI Class E Pants -
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ANSI/ISEA 107-2010

  • Create an overall ANSI Class 3 level ensemble when worn with a Class 2 or 3 reflective vest, shirt, or jacket.





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ANSI Class 2 Level - See Products

ANSI/ISEA 107-2010

  • Class 2 or Class 3 reflective apparel.
  • Traffic speeds exceed 25 miles per hour.
  • Workers are busy with tasks that draw their attention away from oncoming traffic.
  • Limited visibility caused by weather conditions, or complex visual backgrounds.
  • Work takes place close to moving traffic.

Reflective safety vests for survey crews, road construction crews, utility workers, airport ground crews, crossing guards, emergency response personnel.

ANSI Class 3 Level - See Products

ANSI/ISEA 107-2010

  • Class 3 high visibility apparel, or Class 2 in some situations.
  • Traffic speeds are significantly high.
  • Dangerous work situations that include reduced sight distances, complex visual backgrounds, or high task loads.
  • Workers must be visible through a full range of body motions at a minimum of 1280 feet.

Reflective vests for highway construction crews, flag crews, survey crews, utility workers, emergency response personnel.

Public Safety and Emergency Response -
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ANSI 207-2006

  • Applies to police officers and other public safety personnel.
  • Shorter reflective safety vest size allows for easy access to belt-mounted equipment such as radios, handcuffs, pepper spray, and guns.
  • Retroreflective material requirements are the same for both ANSI 207 and ANSI 107 Class 2 vests.

23 CFR 634

  • Requires that emergency responders in the right-of-way on a federal highway wear ANSI Class 2 or ANSI Class 3 high visibility apparel.
  • Firefighters or others exposed to flame or heat can wear retroreflective turnout gear that is NFPA approved.

There are countless reflective vests and other reflective apparel options to choose from. Standard ANSI class 2 and ANSI class 3 traffic vests, and reflective t-shirts are just a beginning. You can choose a reflective vest with evaporative cooling or phase change cooling properties to avoid heat stress in hot work environments. Insect Shield Safety Vests are treated to protect outdoor workers from irritating bugs.

ANSI class 3 jackets, parkas and reflective rainwear offer high visibility safety when the weather isn’t so warm.

ANSI class E pants and reflective leggings provide ANSI class 3 protection when combined with an ANSI class 2 reflective vest. And high visibility accessories like caps, hats, and reflective wrist bands enhance worker visibility further.