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Heat Stress

Outdoor summer construction projects require added attention to heat stress safety. The effects of heat stress can include dizziness, fainting, cramps, heat rash and even heat stroke. Cooling vests, cooling bandanas, hard hat shades, and other body cooling products can help provide the protection that the outdoor worker needs.

Outdoor workers aren't the only ones who need to combat heat stress. Industrial workers in foundries, mills, must combat occupational heat stress. And members of emergency response teams required to wear bulky hazmat suits are also at risk from heat-related illness.


Heat stress safety relies heavily upon proper worker hydration. Water, Gatorade, Sqwincher, and other electrolyte beverages are essential to help workers replenish fluids and get through a long work day. It is important that outdoor workers have easy access to water coolers, and electrolyte beverage dispensers.




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